What Is A Breakeryard?

In essence these companies buy old or newer salvage then either strip these down to sell the parts separately, or will weigh in all (or part of) scrap metals and make their profit from the market value at thet time..

Stricter Regulations

The regulations to run such an enterprise are far more complicated and strict to that in previous years. Certain environmental policies state there are procedures to disposing certain materials and in order to break a large amount of cars, a license is required.

There are also heath sand safety rules that have changed how many breaker yards (or sometimes called scrap yards) operate. There was a time when members of the public were allowed to enter a company and remove the spares themselves. Now only yards that follow a strict procedure will allow this and most just ban public access.

Not so long ago, scrap metal prices plummeted, to the point where breaker yards had to charge to dispose of any vehicle, but now these prices have recovered meaning most people will get at least some cash for their end of life car.

Regular Inspections

A vehicle consists of a lot more materials than just metal. Most of these scrap materials cost money to dispose of and any short cuts could mean the breaker yard having their licence removed.

These yards are regularly inspected often by the local councils to ensure they are operating with the regulations. You cannot just strip cars down and sell the parts without a licence or a proven disposal process using a third party.

Minimum Trading Time

All breaker yards on our system must have been trading for a minimum amount of time and as soon as we hear of anything untoward we will investigate and remove as necessary.

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