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The main document you will need to transfer ownership of your scrap vehicle is the V5, your main registration document, which should show you as the legal owner; otherwise you may need to show proof that it is legally yours.

Other useful documentation could be any MOT certificates (breakers would expect these to be expired) and service and receipt information that may indicate that the parts within the vehicle have been well serviced or have been replaced and therefore may have a resalable value.

What You Should Get

You should always expect to get some sort of documentation from the person who has come to collect the vehicle. Often this involves their own “branded” paperwork, which you sign and then keep a copy that keeps you both in line with the deal that has taken place and now clearly states who now owns the vehicle. You may also need to complete the V5 document to tell the DVLA, you no longer own the car or van.

But at least you should always get a receipt that includes any value of the vehicle and clearly shows the business name, address and phone number of the company that will dispose the vehicle from you.

Breakeryard Responsibility

Once the paperwork is completed the responsibility of scrapping that vehicle falls on the breakeryard concerned as they are the new owner. It will be their legal obligation to complete the V5c form to inform the DVLA that this vehicle has been removed from public roads. This process can not be done by members of the public, only those with the correct licence can do this.

We do not allow private buyers on this system, so please inform us if anyone tries to do a deal without offering business paperwork.

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