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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are you a breakeryard?
A: No, we are an internet company that brings those disposing of their vehicle together with breakeryards and salvage experts who in most cases offer you cash to scrap it legally.
Q: What do I have to do before it is collected?
A: You need to remove all belongings (don’t forget things like tax discs), look under seats and glove boxes. Check you have all keys and documents.
Q: I don’t have keys.
A: This should be no problem, as breakeryards often work with un-driveable vehicles, but please inform them at the time of cash offer and you must show proof of ownership, if keys are not available.
Q: My car is not complete; can I still get cash or free collection?
A: This would be down to the breakeryards you speak to and how much value they think there is in that vehicle but in most cases the answer would be yes, providing there is good access for collection. Please state on the form what condition it is in. Remember if your car is complete or not, you still are the legal owner and any laws regarding road tax or insurance, still need to be followed.
Q: How long before collection?
A: Again this depends on the agent concerned, but most will want to get that scrap car picked up ASAP within working hours. Sometimes they will need to coordinate the collection of several purchases from one transporter to make the deal worthwhile.
Q: Will my car end back on the road
A: Once you have transferred ownership, then you have no control over what happens to that scrapper. It is no different to phoning around several dismantlers trying to get the best deal. However for your information, in most cases a “scrap car” has more value in its metal and parts, than to invest money to attempt a resale, especially considering the laws, those in the trade have to abide to. So in most cases the vehicle will be de registered and scrapped for metal and it's parts.
Q: My car does not move/it does not have wheels?
A: In most cases this is not an issue, just make sure the breakeryard knows things before a deal in struck. Most have machinery that can lift the car on to a transporter.
Q: Are there any private buyers on the system?
A: No! They are all scrap businesses, where their main function is breaking cars or dealing with salvage and have been trading for a certain length of time. They must be registered as a company and pay UK Tax.
Q: I have forgotten who I accepted the deal with?
A: It is important you always write down the company you did any deal with. We have no information on the deals that are struck after a car, van or bike has been entered on to our system.
Q: I have a dispute with a breakeryard, what do I do?
A: Our role is to bring those disposing their vehicle together with those wishing to acquire it. We do not get involved in any scrap deals or contracts, which are between you and that company. You have the same legal rights as if you had contacted the breaker direct and should treat any complaint in that way.
However we are interested in complaints and any business where is occurs regularly will be removed from the system.

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