General Information, Just What Is Recycling All About

Millions of vehicles are taken off the road each year as they become uneconomical to keep going or have been involved in an accident. In circumstances where parts cannot be resold, the remainder can then be re-cycled to make other products. But there are many different materials that make up a typical vehicle, from metal, to plastic to glass to rubber, to other chemicals, some quite dangerous.

The Healthy Process

Not everything can be re-cycled in these instances there are strict legal rules for their disposal, such as the acids found in car battery. But for many other items, there is a healthy process to avoid landfill, reduce manufacturing energy costs and carbon count. So when a breaker yard buys a vehicle from you, it is doubled edged sword. On disposal they will gain from the sale of certain items, (which often fluctuates) but face a cost for the legal disposal of certain materials.

Focus On Carbon Output

The good news, that in a country like the UK the focus to reduce carbon output and land fill means more and more materials are likely to be re-used, or used to power electricity plants.

Items such As

Many would argue that we are no-where near where we need to be, but breaker yards now need to be licensed to remove vehicles from the road and councils are pretty efficient at enforcing and non compliant business.

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