Tyres Recycling

There are some worrying statistics to how fast the world goes though rubber tyres, so this is not just an end of life process, in fact a vehicle could have several sets though its time on the road. Nothing brings this more to life than in the world of motorsport where a formula one car can get though a set of tyres in only 20 miles or so.

The cost of re-cycling tyres is often way above the value new, so as it stands only a small proportion find their way into new products. The world is then full of landfill sites or stockpiles in yards and it get worse every day. There is however regulation to dispose of them. There is more than just rubber on a traditional tyre but certain metals too, and there are plans to improve the process of removing these to at least help the situation.

Multiple Uses For Tyre Particles

There is also good news, in that the particles for tyres are being used more in the building of floor surfaces and running tracks etc. It's clear there is still some way to go, but technology may play a part in bringing the costs down, to make the bi products more worthwhile.

Learn more www.waste-management-world.com/articles/2003/07/scrap-tyre-recycling.html

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