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Clearly your vehicle will be worth more as something that gets you from A to B, than something that has come to the end of its working life. Whether a breaker yard offers a cash value or a free collection and disposal service, will depend on several factors based on your vehicle model, condition and age.

They will take into account the value of the metal concerned, the ability to resell any good condition parts within the vehicle, but also must calculate the costs of disposing many of the materials within your vehicle that have no resalable value and that legally, must be disposed of in an environmentally safe way. They then take into account any collection and paperwork costs, before then either offering you a cash payment or suggesting they can only collect to dispose of your vehicle for free.

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Value Of Metal Within Your Scrap Vehicle

This value is market driven and can rise and fall daily and has no prejudice to the brand of scrap car, make or even age. Most vehicles will have a similar weight value, as vans and motorcycles would be similar too.

There are various car parts that can be re-sold

Value Of Parts

This comes down to the condition of the parts on your vehicle and the demand that breakers yards have for these particular items. Just as there is a high demand for certain second hand spares, there are also some models where there are an abundance of items already in stock throughout the breaker yard system, pushing prices down and so not making it worthwhile to separate the components from the vehicle. Whether you are offered cash for your car will probably depend on whether the breaker concerned feels the type of good condition parts on the vehicle are in demand and can be resold at a higher value to its core scrap metal value. Certain low mileage German and Japanese engines can for example sell well, but others can have no value at all.

The Costs To The Breaker Yard

Disposing of certain materials have to be done within the law and include, plastics, mercury filled switches, batteries, oil, petrol and hydraulic fluids to name a few. Your vehicle is made up many materials that can’t be resold and therefore is a cost to the breaker yard to dispose of. These costs may push your car, van or bike's worth down.

Collection and Paperwork

To collect a vehicle the breaker yard has to employ staff, buy recovery vehicles, maintain, insure and tax them. All this costing is taken into account, when offering money for your vehicle.

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Finally most scrap yards know that those disposing vehicles are looking for some sort of cash payment and need a regular supply to keep their business ticking over. They haven’t got time to spend all day renegotiating the prices, so most will make a polite offer based on what they feel the worth of the vehicle is to them and then move on to the next customer, and then it will be up to you to say yes or no. There is no obligation on both side.

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