So you have decided to sell, what happens next?

A lot depends on the age and condition of the vehicle. Here are the most likely outcomes.

By Far the Most Common Outcome To Vehicles

Most cars are stripped down, the valuable parts re-recycled and sold within the breakeryard (who took ownership) with any other scrap metal weighed in, where it will be melted down and used to make other metal objects, (possibly another car).

The breakeryard will also try to re-cycle and sell plastic and material parts such as bumpers, dashboards and interiors where possible. Where there is no demand for these scrap spares, the dismantler will dispose of these as required by law in a friendly environmentally way.

The scrap car will be taken off the road and a certificate of destruction applied for from the DVLA. The timescale for this to occur will depend on when the car is stripped down. even mmore infprmation here

Less Common

Sometimes there is a greater demand for the parts abroad than here at home. Just as many Japanese engines and spares are imported into the UK to match demand, there are some countries that do not have enough of the type of components available in abundance here in the UK. There is an unbalance of parts v demand throughout the world this process help balance out this problem.

The breaker would get a certificate of destructions from the DVLA and would only export the parts that have some value.

This distribution process reduces the need to manufacture new items.

We sometimes get asked; “would their car way back on the road?”

After you have transferred the ownership to a breakeryard you have affectively lost any say in what happens to that vehicle; but in reality very few cars will ever find their way back on to the road. If it wasn’t cost effective to sell the it privately or repair privately, then it is less likely to occur from a business point of view. Those who trade cars have far stricter laws to abide to selling and taking account labour charges, it would be rare for there to enough margins to do so.

A business point is this; the “sum of the parts of a vehicle” is nearly always worth more than the complete car to a breaker.

Newer Salvage May Get Higher Premium

Salvage cars may have a different outcome. These vehicles are normally newer and would still have a lot of life in them, if they had not been involved in an accident. It’s fair to say that members to the public selling these projects would expect a premium for the vehicle and would understand the value of putting these cars back on the road. These will either be stripped down, repaired, or sometimes be entered into a salvage auction, where other members of the trade may buy and repair the purchase.

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